FG Wilson merupakan pionir dalam desain dan manufaktur dari diesel genset. Selama lebih dari 40 tahun, FG Wilson telah menjadi pemain utama dan pemimpin dunia dalam penyediaan Genset yang diberikan kapan saja dan dimana saja dibutuhkan.

GENSET FG Wilson tersedia di tempat kami mulai dari 12.5kVA (P12.5P2) hingga 900kVA (P900E1). Hubungi kami di nomor (021) 46825071 atau melalui e-mail di: info@versageneralsemesta.com. http://versagenset.com/product.php?productID=23

FG Wilson (Engineering) Ltd is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas generator sets. For over 40 years, FG Wilson has been a major global player and world leader in the provision of power generation solutions ensuring power is provided whenever and wherever it is needed.

Our Diesel product range spans an array of applications from domestic use right through to power modules with the ability to operate as complete power stations supplying electricity to national grids. Where standard power products cannot meet your power demands, FG Wilson’s Power Solutions Team of specialist engineers provide tailored products to even the most challenging and complex power requirements. In addition, FG Wilson’s global Dealer network represents a wealth of knowledge and experience, supporting FG Wilson generating sets in the field.

Now potential customer in Indonesia can find FG Wilson products at VersaGen. Our stok are available from 12.5kVA until 900kVA. For further details about FG Wilson’s product in Indonesia, please dial 021-46825071 or send us an e-mail to: info@versageneralsemesta.com


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